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Our Services


The philosophy of The senses wellness spa is inherently rooted in India's ancient approach to wellness. Inspired by traditional Indian healing wisdom, we believe that a spa unfolds a holistic path of life that opens out channels to nurture one's life force.


The ethos of our carefully recreated treatments is drawn on the rich and ancient wellness heritage of India, the fabled lifestyle and culture of Indian royalty and the healing therapies that embroce Indian spirituality. Our spo experiences are offered by trained experts, using exclusive natural products in a fresh and harmonious design setting.


With The senses wellness spa, you undertake the journey within, through an array of enlivening holistic treatments, meaningful rituals and ceremonies for a truly calming experience.


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Deep Tissue Massage

A strong full body massage releasing deep, muscular soreness
Duration 60/90 minutes

Swedish Massage

Traditional European full body massage techniques are applied to relax aching muscles, stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins so that you look great and feel even better.
Duration 60/90 minutes

Aromatic Relaxation Massage

Duration 60/90 minutes
This light-pressured massage uses long, soothing strokes and the aroma therapy of essential oils to achieve total calm and relaxation.

Lomi Lomi Massage

This traditional Hawaiian “loving hands” massage uses percussive and wave-like movements with smooth strokes to induce a total state of relaxation. Jasmine oil is used for its aromatherapeutic beneMother-To-Be Massage The prenatal massage, only available after the trimester, uses soft to medium strokes to promote circulation and ease pressure on the joints, promoting tranquility and deep relaxation.
Duration 60/90 minutes

Jet Log Recovery

A rebalancing treatment including a body massage with aromatherapy oil to revive your circulation and ease muscle tension, a head massage to re-awaken your senses and a Six Senses herbal tes to reset your internal clock.

Duration 60/90 minutes

Balinese Massage

The Balinese Massage incorporates aroma therapy using fresh native cedar, an herb used by Native Indians to purify and protect. This soothing, balancing massage leaves you tranquil and seen. Fresh sprigs of cedar, followed by a weighted blanket, are placed over the body at the end of the massage, while your therapist completes this service using gentle touch to the head, for relaxation and balance.
Duration 60/90 minutes

The senses wellness spa Signature Massage

Representing good luck, long life, peace & harmony – bamboo has been used in Asia for many years to relieve tension in the back, neck, shoulders and legs. The use of the bamboo ensures that the guest receives the pressure they require. A perfec substitute for a deep tissue massage.
Duration 60/90 minutes

Moroccan Hot Oil Massage

Using warmed aromatic jasmine oil from Morocco, this massage will smooth your skin as your mind and body are transformed into a complete state of relaxation, induced by slow, enveloping strokes.
Duration 60/90 minutes

Couples Massage

Couples of all kinds-sisters, friends, partners- enjoy the Aromatic Relaxation or Swedish Tonic Massage together.
Duration 120 minutes

Thai Herbal Massage

This is an original blend of Thai massage using the classic Thai healing herbal packs. While the acupressure works on the meridian lines, the heated herbal. compress helps to improve prana flow, ease aches and stimulates circulation.
Duration 90/120 minutes

Thai Herbal oil Massage

This energising full body oil massage utilises scented herbal poultices that are heated and applied to pressure points on the body. Wild turmeric, lemongrass, cinnamon and tamarind are just some of the herbs that will condition the skin and take your body on an exotic journey of total runewal.
Duration 90/120 minutes

Thai Massage

Using Thai massage techniques, this treatment focuses on pressure points and gentle stretching movements along the body’s energy channels. It is offered fully clothed and without oil to re-awaken the body’s energy flow.
Duration 60/90 minutes

Vietnamese Hot Stone Massage

This traditional oil massage incorporates pressure point techniques with invigorating movements to warm and relax muscle tissue. Heated small suction stones are placed on the back to aid in muscle relaxation, improve circulation and rejuvenate the body.
Duration 120/180 minutes

Detox Foot Therapy

Feet are soaked in organic myrtle salt water, gently exfoliated and wrapped in a detoxifying myrtle and clay mask. Your feet will be left feeling silky, smooth and energised.
Duration 30/60 minutes

Detox Abdominal Massage

A combination of massage techniques to release tension directly over the navel and surrounding abdominal area. Designed to clear out toxins and improve the functions of organs, especially the digestive system.
Duration 45/60 minutes

Foot Acupressure

Reflex points on the feet correspond to every organ in the body. Applying pressure to these points, the autonomic nervous, lymphatic and circulation systems are stimulated to heal and balance the body. Ideal when combined with Indian Head Massage.
Duration 30/60 minutes

Detox Upper Arm

Your hands and arms are treated to an exfoliation and specialised firming mask including a rich concentrate of essential oils which helps to firm, tone and tighten the skin.
Duration 45/60 minutes

Detoxifer Packages

Give your body a boost and rid your system of unwanted toxins to enhance energy levels and break dependance on system stimulants. Rejuvenating and enhancing skin vitality.
Duration 3hr 50 minutes


This time-honoured and invigorating full body massage applies pressure along the meridian lines to release trapped energy and restore natural balance and well being.
Duration 60/90 minutes

Traditional Tibetan Massage

This classical technique of manipulating muscles with aromatic massage oils is both relaxing and invigorating. This massage improves overall wellbeing, while providing tonic for the soul.
Duration 60/90 minutes

Siamese Herbal Scrub

Our Siamese Herbal scrub is a must! Following in the steps of our Ancestors we use Thai herbs alongside traditional techniques, which have been used as a Thai beauty ritual for centuries. Soothe your stresses, release harmful toxins and let the senses of Thailand come to you.
Duration 120/180 minutes

Tamarind Skin Exfoliation

Tamarind provides cleansing and nourishing properties uplifting and reviving the skin whilst exfoliating with natural rice meal to give the skin a radiant glow. Our treatment will help to promote skin’s resistance to wrinkles and maintain the balance between preventing a build up of dead cells and encouraging cell renewal.
Duration 120/180 minutes

Cinnamon Ginger Scrub

Invigorate your senses with this delightful Cinnamon and ginger scrub. This treatment will help remove dead skin cells, help boost your skins protection & healing process, and leave your skin smelling & looking delicious.
Duration 120/180 minutes

Body Polishing & Therapy

A body polish is a popular body treatment that exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft. The best way to think about a body polish is that it is al treatment for the skin basically a facial for the body. In a spa, the body polish is followed by a shower and ends with an application of body lotion. It should not be confused with a massage which targets the muscles.
Duration 60/90 minutes